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Architecture should speak for its time and place, but yearn for timelessness.

Frank Gehry, Architect

Ronnie Yue
Architect DPLG (France)/SIA

Daniel Pfister

Dipl. Architect ETH/SIA

Who are we

rd architekten GmbH emerged from a joint venture between 3 Arts Architektur GmbH and Müller + Pfister Architekten AG who have been working togther for more than one decade. We primarily unite the different strengths of our two offices. For our building projects we want to show you the totality of the possibilities by taking into account all aspects such as aesthetics, functionality, sustainability, costs and environmental awareness, energy options and site-specific conditions. By weighting and assessing the relevance of these aspects, we bring the overall development into an optimal balance and, together with you, find the way to a tailor-made product following your wishes. The cooperation between our two offices stands for an efficient way of working, for energy and cost awareness, for precise and clean buildings and for a lot of passion. We deal with conversions, renovations and the evaluation of new buildings and are here for you, from advice through planning to implementation.

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